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2014 Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force Summit

Family Resource Center

  • Milwaukee's recently expanded Dryhootch FOB (Forward Operating Base), across from the VA, offers veterans a wide range of programs to assist in their journey, covering a range of issues from other veterans who have walked the same path. We also know that family is often the first to know of the struggles of their returning veteran.
  • Help us build programs that will assist struggling families in becoming "peers" for their veteran, aiding the veteran and the family with the return home.
  • Please send your ideas, needs, offers of volunteering, etc. to us at
  • We will keep everyone in the loop as we go forward.


  • If you’re interested in joining a group of women veteran walkers/hikers in the Milwaukee area, please email Sue Loomans at ( The group will meet for local hikes (between 2 and 5 miles) at a casual pace, and potentially plan a longer excursion for a fall. It’s a new group, so bring your energy and ideas.