Sgt John Dorseys Story

Sgt. Jon M. Dorsey's Story By: Charlie Berens Aug 23rd, 2011 Two Front War is an OMN original segment that features our nation's veterans and active service men and women. Two Front War highlights the stories our soldiers want to tell. OMN correspondent, Charlie Berens, recently met up with Sgt. Jon Dorsey at Dryhootch coffee shop in Milwaukee, WI. Dorsey enlisted in the military right out of high school and served two terms in Operation Iraqi Freedom (February 2007- April 2008, and September 2009- June 2010). His duty positions included Radio Operator, Machine Gunner, Team Leader and Squad Leader. Dorsey’s currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee under the GI Bill. He also works part-time at Dryhootch, a coffee shop dedicated to supporting veterans.