Dryhootch provides

Peer Mentors: The brothers and sisters that had your back while in service are now here at Dryhootch, providing you with that same support in "the real world." They can give advice on benefits, explain how they made the transition back, or just be a buddy that can finish your sentences.

Great Coffee: Dryhootch provides a great social space where veterans, their family, and the community can gather to share conversation, offer help, and relax over a great cup of coffee, tea, and more. Try our Marine Mud, Navy Destroyer, Special Forces Bold, VA Transfusion...you get the hint!

Resources: There is a wide range of services available to veterans and their family. But where to find them; how to file? Ask the team at Dryhootch to show you the way.

Legal Help: Whether it's family, law, or a criminal case, bad things happen to good people. Dryhootch can provide you and your family with help in getting back the life you envisioned.

Housing Assistance: Resources are available whether you are homeless, in danger of eviction or shutoff, or can't get the security deposit together. We can point you to the right partner who can get you back on track.

Families: You don't have to be alone. Family peers can help you find and understand the programs you may be looking for.

Addiction: Unfortunately, addiction is all too often a reality for those who served, have PTSD, or are a stressed family member. Dryhootch has numerous groups that can address your issues respectfully.

Music, Art, Writing: Dryhootch brings in actors, artists, and great music with Guitars for Vets to help you loosen up, have some fun, and heal a little!

New Events and Employment Opportunities


  • Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force Summit - gain a better understanding of mental health recovery. September 10, 2014, at the Italian Community Center, 613 E. Chicago St., Milwaukee, WI from 8-4:30. Register online at www.milwaukeemhtf.org
  • Family Resource Center - coming to our Brady Street location. Send us ideas at family@dryhootch.org
  • NEW Woman Veteran Hiking Group - Email Sue Loomans (sue@propertyvets.com) to join a hiking group.

Visit our Events page for more information.

Employment Opportunities

  • Full-time Shuttle Driver - Holiday Inn Express Milwaukee West
  • Veteran Employment Fair
  • Waukesha County Technical College - IT Degree

Visit our Veteran Employment page for more information.

We are Dryhootch

Began by veterans and family members to insure our newest generation of warriors and their families get the support they deserve.

Help us with your tax deductible donation to help our veterans and their families.


Milwaukee East 1030 E Brady St Milwaukee WI 53202 (414) 455-8456

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